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Our company adheres to the high quality, stable, reasonable cost and low profit and high turnover, which has won many long-term cooperative customers. Our products cover a series of consumable materials required by printers and copiers of various brands, making customers worry less in purchasing, feel relieved in using, and have no after-sales troubles.

Complete product models, high cost performance

Years of experience in industry matching customization, more stable quality of consumables, better printing effect, sound consumables appearance to stable, inclusive, bold and unrestrained different styles to win the love of consumers of all nationalities. Humanized details, innovative design for customers to customize product services.

One-on-one customer service, lifelong maintenance

With the highest quality standards, foreign customers 2+ weeks delivery, domestic customers within 3 days delivery service purposes, online and offline 24 hours response, sound products implement lifelong maintenance and real-time after-sales service.

PRODUCTS recommended

01Printer's source manufacturerTo cultivate the market and focus on the manufacture of printer

  • Manufacturer of office supplies development · one-stop supplier of printer supplies!
  • Adhere to the quality first, integrity management, create a win-win business philosophy!
  • Establish cooperative relationship with many world famous manufacturers to produce products beyond OEM quality standard.

02Professional quality, quality assuranceFocus on technology and self-development, pursuit of quality, excelsior

  • Domestic professional printer consumption accessories, product innovation as the leading manufacturer.
  • Independently developed more comprehensive and more convenient performance of compatible products.
  • A number of quality control system, layer upon layer of testing and follow-up.

03The 360 ° and perfect service systemA professional one-on-one counselor to keep you safe!

  • Seven days of 24-hour service in front of the sale, sale to sale
  • Have a sound management system, the first time to solve your confusion and problems
  • Professional after-sales service team will answer your questions and ensure that every question can be answered。

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Established in 2018, Zhongshan Pyin Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the R&D, production and sales of printing consumables. The Company has a skilled, united and efficient management team with rich experience in the industry to ensure the perfection of the products in all aspects & details of production, R&D. It maintains a highly consistent concept of development with the supply chain. The process standard and technical parameters of raw materials are optimized to match our products, ensuring the stability and reliability of our products. Company has won praise and recognition from domestic and abroad customers...

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